Institut de Genech – Genech (59)

Renewal of the LAN Campus & Datacenter Network

2000 students and teachers impacted, more than 30 switches deployed

Objective :

  • Make the network reliable
  • Increase bandwidth to meet new Video / Telephony and Data uses
  • Securing the infrastructure
  • Deploy without impacting daily life
  • Control costs while having a low environmental footprint in accordance with the good practices of the Genech Institute

Means used :

  • Supply and complete installation of Cisco Nexus hardware capable of delivering 10Gbps per port and switches with 10Gbps links
  • Use of certified refurbished CISCO hardware
  • Design of a redundant VPC mesh with 2x10Gbps thus increasing the bandwidth from 1Gbps to 20Gbps
  • Application of network security best practices
  • Transfer of skills and daily support on the evolution of the infrastructure


Matthieu accompanied us throughout our project to renovate the core infrastructure, in 10Gb.

We have deployed / replaced our fibers, interconnected all the buildings with an emergency path to continue our growth in complete safety.

We are working on the reconditioned switching part in order to obtain the best performance / price ratio while keeping the environmental impact minimal. This project also allows us to calmly prepare for the arrival of the IOT.

I highly recommend.

Stephane Poulain

IT Manager, Institut de Genech - Genech - Nord – Thenon (24)

4 Cottages on a 3000m² ground to cover with WIFI

  • Initial situation : ADSL 2Mbps, recurring cuts, 4 wifi access points with partial coverage of the site
  • Final situation: Dual 4G+ access – 2 operators, 5 Mesh WIFI6 access points, full site coverage
  • Bandwidth : 58,8Mbps

Turnkey project with 4G coverage study, negotiation, selection and subscription of plans with operators.

Supply, installation and complete configuration of the solution.

ADSL plan termination at the end of the  validation period.

Everything works! I still can’t believe it after 15 years of struggling with ADSL in the Dordogne and the downright nightmare with digital team meetings during COVID. GET Conseil IT provided a stable 4G and WIFI network that serves 4 houses and where digital working is no longer a problem. GET conseil IT combines expertise, customer focus and excellent service in one. Highly recommended.

Tineke Dufour

Manager, Maisonneuve Cottages - Thenon - Dordogne

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Mickael Loyer
Mickael Loyer
15:51 09 Dec 22
Nous avons fait appel à Get Conseil pour du conseil et mise en oeuvre d'une architecture réseau dans notre établissement. Nous avons eu pleine et entière satisfaction de la prestation réalisée en accord avec notre politique RSE et notre budget. Je recommande.
tineke Liefhebber
tineke Liefhebber
07:03 07 Sep 22
Superbe travail réalisé par Get Conseil ! Après 15 ans de sang sueur et de larmes avec l'ADSL en Dordogne un réseau 4G est installé. Je n'arrive toujours pas à croire que j'ai des réunions numériques sans écran flou et/ou figé, des membres du groupe qui bégaient, ou une panne totale du système. Un cauchemar, car ce n'est pas exactement un look professionnel lorsque la connexion échoue à maintes reprises. BTW, communication en anglais au besoin.
Stéphane Poulain
Stéphane Poulain
19:27 25 May 22
L'expertise technique et pluri-disciplinaire ! Je recommande !
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