Component shortage

5 Sep 2022

6 months, sometimes 1 year, these are the insane deadlines announced by suppliers for the delivery of IT equipment.

Procurement lead times are extended and it is difficult to respond quickly to needs, but projects do not wait.

GET CONSEIL has a stock of CISCO 48-port Gigabit stackable POE+ switches immediately available.

We work with high-grade refurbished equipment that has been rigorously checked and has an extended warranty:

  • CISCO / HP Aruba for network
  • HP / DELL / LENOVO for Servers, laptops and desktops
  • … Non-exhaustive list

For example, for a campus, we can provide Cisco POE+ Switches with 10Gbps uplinks within 10 days with SFP+ and stack cards .

The equipment ordered can be configured and installed in a short time.